Monday, August 29, 2011


found on Pintrest
a piece of my story
i have a pintrest addiction.

it's becoming more and more obvious with every passing day. there is just something so brilliantly inspiring about perusing page upon page of beautiful photographs

categorizing them

listing them.

it's the place that my artistic side and my OCD side get together for a playdate.

i have followed the example of several of my friends and begun the process of putting together a nanowrimo pinboard

it's starting to come together, i think. or maybe not.

see, i have a fairly cohesive concept for the story i'm going to compose. however, these pictures are starting to go in a slightly different direction than i originally envisioned. it's starting to challenge me a bit.

it's as if the story is saying

change with me
let me move
let me breathe.

found on Pintrest
a piece of my story
maybe i need to loosen my ideas a bit. maybe i need to let my story tell itself the way it wants to be told. maybe i need to become more pinspired, and less boxed in. 

i'm seeing colours. themes. locations and ideas. i'm seeing more and more of less and less. 

so i am going to pin away

and let my story breathe

and take me along

for the adventure of a lifetime.

~blessings abound,


  1. I think putting together a pin board for a story is genius. I know that when I write I tend to see snapshots of my story. Adding more snapshots would help me when I get stuck. I think I'm going to follow your lead here.
    (Plus it's another good excuse for more Pinterest time. :)

  2. I've been doing this for mine. Look under "M" and you'll perhaps see my own novel taking shape. <3 LOVE pinterest. :-)

  3. Eeeee, I didn't know that you were on Pinterest. I'm following you now and going to take your lead and begin a NANO board. Woohoo

  4. this sounds really often lead me to stories...