Thursday, September 22, 2011


i’m a novelist.

it’s one of those things that slightly mandates my life, particularly during the month of November.

November is National Novel Writing Month. affectionately known to the writer world as the start of nanowrimo.

it is during this month that i and hundreds of other insane authours will embark upon one of the most incredible and frightening endeavours of our lifetimes.

50,000 words. 30 days. innumerable cups of coffee, endless playlists of Imogene Heap and Alex Goot, and a straight month of kissing midnight. 

one incredible novel.

or perhaps a collection of 50,000 words of ramble. it depends on how much sleep we get.

it’s this music we compose.

{won't you join me here for the rest?}

blessings abound


  1. I have a basic idea and a tittle all worked out in my head. I can't wait and have to keep stopping myself from starting right now! =)

  2. i've never done nanowrimo...but i hope to someday? :) hope.