Thursday, September 29, 2011

the wire

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down to the wire now, i suppose.

less than thirty-two days until the madness of nanowrimo starts up.

and i'm starting to breathe this story, i think. so little is compiled, but i have a grasp. so little is known, but i've figured this path out.

i know this girl. i don't even know her name yet. but i know her. i know her heart, her soul, her mind and her wishes. i know her secrets.

i know this man she loves. i read his thoughts like a book and his letters as though they were addressed to me.

is that strange? 

thinking back to my first nano, i had no idea what to expect.

it was a handmade video that Ali posted. and an email shared between her and i.

this journey brought me my best friend.

it laid a fictional foundation, but showed me a soul sister in reality.

i picture my inspiration here. what my words can't invent, these pinboards compile together. it's making a story, little by little.

is this rambling? perhaps. but so much thoughts lead to dancing rambles through literary meadows.

thirty-two days. 

i can't wait, loves.

hurry up, November.

i'm waiting.

{if you still have no idea what nanowrimo is, slip over to the site and learn more. you won't regret it, i promise.}

-blessings abound,

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