Sunday, September 4, 2011


i have an obsession with my character's eyes.

actually, i'm obsessed with eyes in general. maybe it has something to do with the spiritual connotation found behind these rich pools of ocular beauty.

the eye is the lamp of the body

it's true, though. so much can be spoken through a simple glance. a moment spent gazed into another's eyes can be enough to pass along an entire conversation and more left unspoken. 

eyes are mirrors of the heart. 

and when it comes to my characters within those stories so close to my heart, i cannot be pulled away.

what hides behind them? what isn't being said? or what is being said so much louder than the tongue can convey? 

i have spent hours studying photos of eyes. reading their stories. 

eyes are books. pages of novels. 

i want to know. 

i want to see and read their hearts through these minuscule portals that i am allowed on this earth. 

maybe this makes me odd or strange or completely irrational. i would not be insulted if you said so, as the greatest of writers have been deemed strange. 

so strange is a good thing.

and i'm rambling. 

but that's okay. right? 

just let me see my characters' eyes. and i can try

and tell you their story. 
~blessings abound,


  1. I do this too. I'm always trying to describe the expressions in my character's eyes. But it's so hard, it often stays a secret that I only know.

  2. I think this is something I should do more of. Reaching, and knowing my character's eyes.

  3. I'm kinda like you with eyes. I love drawing people because of the eyes. Also I love doing my eyes when I'm putting my make-up on. I really think eyes are truely beautiful :D nice post.

  4. don't they say eyes are the window to the soul?

  5. Rachel, I love the way you write! You have really captured me here. I'm going to be soul-searching in some eyes after reading this :). Such a lovely way with words you have.

  6. You have a GIFT!!!!!!! Beautiful post!

  7. yes, the eyes. my favorite thing god made :)