Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rule #1

There is only one real rule to writing. Sure we have our grammar rules, spelling, outlines etc. but none of it matters unless you allow yourself to let go. You must purposefully put yourself out there. You must allow yourself to dream big and publicly display your imagination. As a writer, you have to become okay with the potential for embarrassment, for people to not understand you. It is essential that you shake it out and just write. Let your soul be free and allow it to take you wherever it wants to go.

Sometimes I will sit there staring at a blank page afraid to put my pen to it's white unblemished surface. The ideas in my head start to disappear as I hear my grammar 101 kicking in. Don't think, just write! That is what editing is for. Do not let the fear of failure hold you back from the story inside of you.

You where made to be heard

So be proud

Be Bold

Be Loud

Without making a sound.

You are a writer because you have a story.

Keep Calm and Drink Tea - Ali


  1. "Don't think, just write" I should frame that and put it on my wall. :) My inner editor can really be a pain.

  2. I love this! "You are a writer because you have a story." So true! I must stop obsessing over the errors and write my story.

  3. preach on...if you feel uncomfortable with your subject matter and how people might view it, you will never write like you can...way i figure, if i am not uncomfortable...i am not talking about the right things...write it

  4. well, thanks for the advice, sister. let me tell you, i needed it. i'm off to go write an essay about homeless people.

    keep writing/inspiring