Monday, October 3, 2011


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i've said it here already.

but i'm drawn to eyes.

and now as nanowrimo draws closer, i am getting more and more captivated by those little things that stare and pull and tug at my ink-blotched heart.

i find myself running my fingers over the worn wood of doors, searching for the stories in these portals. do you know? does anyone know what happened behind these entryways? loves lost, heart proclaimed, lives taken away.

and there there are the innocents. 

spoons and eggs and all those little things that are too much overlooked and not enough dwelt upon. their sacred appeal is lost in the shuffle.

and we start to write in twenty-seven days.

this countdown is getting shorter

but my list of fascinations are getting longer and longer.

i like that.

{via pinterest}
so i ask you.

what things captivate? fascinate? entrance?

share with me. 

-blessings abound,

{on an unrelated note: our beautiful Ali is getting married in two weeks. won't you join with me in wishing her and her handsome groom well? look for more wedding posts from us both in coming days, both here and at our respective locations}


  1. Nature. Definitely nature.
    I never get over the overwhelming feeling of looking at the ocean or a lake.. it seems so magical!

    Hey, nice blog! Come visit me too sometime!

  2. Antiques, old photographs, and people in general. (I'm afraid to admit that I'll often come up with stories in my head for different strangers that I pass in Walmart. :/ ) :)

  3. I, a NaNoWriMo novelist, am fascinated by words. We string them together into sentences every day, but how often do we recognize the beauty we are creating? That is what I am entranced by.

  4. The evening light of Autumn. It really is captivating.