Monday, October 24, 2011

cover art {rachel}

it's seven days from the beginning.

seven days until my life turns into words and clicking laptop keys and late nights where i see sunsets and sunrises before my eyes ever close in slumber.

seven days until my husband begins his understanding meal plan of mac-'n'-cheese and tuna helper.

seven days until Ali and i launch upon this glorious adventure of thirty days and fifty thousand words.

today was another day of prep. a day of pouring over photos and character names. of creating cover art for my novel.

it's freeing for me to see the cover of the book i will soon be composing. it's a sign that there is some sort of structure. a plan for its creation.

currently, i have four covers. i'm not sure which one i will be choosing.

would you care to aid me in my decision? 

each one is a fragment. a corner of the story yet to be told, but that i can see so well in the corner of my novelist's mind.

seven days until the curtain opens.

and i feel ready. if only just a little.

-blessings abound,


  1. Ooh, I can definitely see why this would be a hard decision.

    Personally, I'm fond of #2 and #4, though since I don't have the plot behind the novel, it's hard to completely say. However, I like the imagery of them both and how inspirational they are. Which one do you like? It's always so hard for me to make these kinds of decisions.

    Also, thanks for your comment! No matter how many years I do NaNo, I always feel completely terrified before it starts. Why? I don't know. I think it's part of the experience. :)

  2. My favorite is #1 and #3. I can see why you'd like #3 since you've stated before you're drawn to eyes. I think the girl in #1 is gorgeous though!

  3. do you have to get permission to make covers from other people's art? these are beautiful! i like 3 & 4 but it really depends on the storyline. best of luck!

  4. @rain: i'm not actually using them for the covers if this book was to actually get finished and become available for purchase. these are just my own imaginings and my way to process my mental images, as well as to use on the NaNo site and here.

    i have a friend who will let me commission a piece if i legit need a cover for a book in the future. =)

  5. I would have to say the second and fourth are definitely my favorite. I really like the second one.

    If I was being completely honest I really like the first one except for the words, they don't seem to quite match. Ugh, I'm sorry, I hate saying stuff like that.

    I really, really like the second one though. ;)
    Of it's all your choice, so I won't try to sway you any way (I suppose I am already trying though, aren't I?).
    Best of luck ;)

  6. i hope you do! that would be exciting. :-)

  7. Personally, I would chose the 3rd or 4th...because I have no shame in being biased and picking the ones I made for you....