Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Outlines, Procrastination, and Hunger

 I am a relatively funny person right? If you are a follower on my blog Petals and Freckles you know that I often blog about my own embarrassing, clumsy experiences. This is for a chance to have you laugh along WITH me.
That is probably why I despise outlines so much. There is no humor in it's context, no cynicism etched into it's numbering system. Just a skeleton of ideas to fill with veins and meat later.
So here I am, sucking peanut butter off a spoon, creating my outline. I really can not get enough peanut butter lately, although my husband really likes the crunchy stuff and I'm craving smooth  smuckers. That is all beside the point though, the point is, I hate outlines.
It is like the preparation before a marathon. Wait, maybe that is a bad example being that I'm not great at long distance running so I've never actually prepared for a marathon. Hmm..let's see here...it is like cooking the meat before a meal. No one really likes doing it, but after it's done and added to the meal itself, it is exceptional and worth it. Unless you're a vegetarian, in which case imagine food processing before making pesto sauce. Pesto sauce sounds really good right now doesn't it? Sorry, apparently procrastinating makes me hungry.

Back on track..There are things in life, preparations we have to take, to make our final goal it's best. No, we may not like doing them, and yes they can be tedious, but they are worth it! So if you are like me and dread outlining, hang in there! We will get through this! The fun of writing is just around the corner!

Now I am going to see if I have all the ingredients to making pesto sauce for tonight's dinner.

Till Next time -

Keep Calm and Drink Tea, 


  1. :) What a cheery post. Go Smuckers peanut butter! Living right next to the town Smuckers is from makes it impossible to love any other peanut butter. :)

    Anyhow. I'm a procrastinator too, and your post gave me a giggle this morning.

  2. this made me laugh. hysterically. you are such a random little bubble of joy, ali dear. i love you so much.