Wednesday, October 19, 2011

to question and to answer

here we are.

twelve days from one of the biggest months in a writer's life. 

at this point, i'm honestly not sure if i'm ready to undertake this task yet again. it's my third year, sacrificing an entire thirty days toward the creation of a brand-new novel. breathing life into a new chapter, day after day after day. 

are you joining us? 

have you ever done this before? is this your first? your fifth? have you been writing since the beginning? 

for those of you who have never done this before

what questions do you have?

for those of you who have walked this path time and time again

what answers can you share?

this is a group effort. individual stories, but all one great work.

so please, share with us together. 

what are your questions?
what are your answers?

ask and we will answer.

share and you will be shared. 

twelve days and counting.

-blessings abound,


  1. This is my first, and I am scared but anticipating the beginning.

  2. This is my second and I can't wait. Last years went really well for me, in fact I finished a week early. Though this year, I'd like it to be more coherent when I'm done. :)

    I think the biggest thing I had to learn last year was to turn my internet off when it was time to write. Otherwise I would get too distracted. My custom built story soundtrack helped a lot too.

    Can't wait, I'm so excited that this year I know a few bloggers who are doing it too.

  3. This is my second year and I'm so happy. I did win last year, though only by a margin of a few hours, and it taught me to get my thoughts out on paper and save editing for later. I'm a wee bit scared, but two of my kindred spirits and best friends are writing with me, which helps tremendously. So, basically I'm just super excited!