Friday, October 7, 2011

soul's genre

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the countdown to NaNoWriMo is slowly ticking down.

twenty-four days remaining.

and now the time has come to decide.

what will your story be?

and where will it begin? it must have a year in which to dwell...and a genre which to inhabit.

genre is tricky. 

when you begin to write, you must ask yourself the most important of all questions:

have i found a niche or have i fallen into a rut?

do you write for your genre because you love it...

because your nights are filled with dreams of knights and fair maidens, 
of cowboys on dusty horseback, 
or things that have not yet come but are whispering from the future? 

do you write because these worlds intoxicate your soul? are you captivated, lost, and overwhelmed because these places love you back?

or do you write because, when pen meets paper, when soul and words collide, you find yourself with a sigh and a muttered

i don't know what to write. so i guess i'll write this. i always do. 

my dear friend, do not let your stories die because you feel compelled. trapped.

for this death is the worst of all. you kill not only your characters and your literary light...but part of your ink-stained soul dies as well.

write the truth. not the requirement.

write for love. 
for passion.

do because you love. not because you must.

seek. define.

what is your soul's genre?

-blessings abound,


  1. I loved this post so much. Very very very inspiring. Until now, I had just about given up on writing. I dunno, I guess I just felt trapped. Over a series of events (Books read, people I've spoken to, this post) I'm going to pick myself back up...

    My soul's genre? Some odd conglomeration of fantasy, historical, and realistic. I think it kind of represents how much of a weird conglomeration of things I am. xD

  2. such an inspiring post! and i'm not sure what my soul's genre is.. i will have to think about it!